What is Source 

A universe far away that we know nothing about—not a parallel universe, or alternate reality; but a whole separate body with its own laws. We also have parallel universes, or alternate universes to our own—not just one alternate universe; but eons of realities that will eventually merge into one perfect timeline, or what I call Source timeline. How about a planet 100 million light years from planet earth, that is almost identical to planet earth, or an inverse universe where the stars illuminate with black light, and things are hidden or hard to see in the white. What about a universe where the physics are so foreign to us, we would physically be dematerialized if we were to enter it; maybe even materializing into something else. All physical probabilities, and possibilities we can think of, if we put all of our eight billion plus brains together, and beyond that, by eons to maybe infinity is Source. 

     Source is conscious—source is all consciousness that exist everywhere in entirety. Before consciousness there has to be awareness. What we like to call the beginning was the void, or emptiness—some belief systems says there was chaos, then came awareness, and after that consciousness. With consciousness came the spirit—the spirit is one with consciousness; which is also known as higher consciousness, or God consciousness, and is omnipresent across all entirety.

     No matter what universe, dimension, or reality you may be residing in, the spirit is there. Source, consciousness, and spirit could be considered some sort of trinity. Souls are the parts of the spirit that inhabits, and give life to individual, and sometimes combined soul bodies. Souls inhabits everything, from subatomic particles, to the most advanced, and highest developed beings in all entirety.

     The soul, and physical body forms and fashions the mind. The ego portion of the mind is a product of the physical body; and the mind's connection to the spirit is by way of the soul. The spirit connects to the mind through the soul. A good analogy to this would be the soul as worker ants, and the queen ant as the spirit producing all of the worker ants. Source experiences everything in all entirety through the eons of souls. The experiences are recorded and saved in the spirit, and are brought home to Source. Souls are just as important as the spirit—the soul is multidimensional; inhabiting many bodies, dimensions, universes, and different time periods simultaneously. That being said the soul still isn't omnipresent. A separate section will be dedicated to go a little more in depth on souls, and the importance of our souls.

     To sum it all up, Source is all that is, has ever been, and will always be. Source is infinite, and Source is also infinitesimal. Everything the googolplexes of minds in all of entirety can think of is Source. Source is one, and Source is fractal—source is oneness of entirety.