The Reality Illusion 

This page is dedicated to the information in the video on the home page. The video on the home page may be hard to understand so now I've made a page with all of the topics presented in the video. There are seven sections, so it is a bit lengthy—there will be a video added that is more clear to understand.


The Reality Illusion

What is this existence?

What are we?

What is physical and none physical?

What is tangible and none tangible?

What is time?

What is life and death?

Where is the beginning and where is the end?



Existence is consciousness —consciousness is first and will always exist. Consciousness is before the illusion of physical reality, as we perceive it. Consciousness is the phenomenon of eternal awareness derived from Source. Source is all existence beyond our limited, physical perception. Our existence derives from consciousness and consciousness derives from Source. Source becomes aware; awareness from Source becomes conscious, and consciousness creates. Consciousness creates through the process of manifestation. Manifestation is Source’s will to create using its power of conscious thought—manifestation is powered by unconditional love. Unconditional love is the unconditional creative force; this force is the creation fuel and engine, powering the creation machine of entirety. In our universe as we perceive it, there are three primordial waves of creation operating simultaneously for eternity. Eternity is outside of time as we know it. If we can’t perceive a time frame in our space-time we refer to it as eternal. The three primordial creative waves are light, sound, and gravitational. Source is the eternal light—sound and gravity gives shape to and holds the light creation together.



We are conscious entities—we are Source under the distorted illusion of being fractals. We are holographic beings in a holographic existence. We are one with Source and we never left Source. We are eons of fractals of Source; perceived endless realities projected out from Source and we are a part of that. Source is entirety, from Source derives spirit; spirit is the provider of all sentient existence in all of entirety. Souls are the perceived googolplexes of fractals from spirit—we are eternal souls. We are not only eternal souls, we are spirit as well. Our physical bodies are just the perceived tangible, brief illusion formed by the ingenious works of consciousness. Through in depth manipulation of the three primordial waves consciousness fashions the perceived distortion of our physicality. Source, consciousness and spirit is all one, therefore all is one. Entirety is one point of potentiality, of probabilities and possibilities—these probabilities and possibilities ride along all waves, deriving from the three primordial waves, which derived from the disturbance in the equilibrium of the eternal, center point of Source. We are this point—all that exists is this point.


Physical and None Physical

Physicality is our perception of the third density reality we live, grow and learn in. This perception is bestowed upon us by Source, through consciousness, by means of manifestation, using photons and other ethereal materials. The photons and accompanying ethereal materials used in physical existence derives from the primordial waves; this continuous process is thought into existence by consciousness. All that exist derives from Source’s conscious thought forms. To us the reality we chose to reside in is a pre life planned process, this reality is something we can feel with all five senses. We can feel this reality with all five senses, yet it is all thought processes put in place by Source. This third density reality is given an essence of realness that is true to our current conscious state of mind by photonic works fashioned and operated by Source. The two accompanying sound, and gravitational waves give shape to, and hold in place the illusion of photon and ethereal materials. Essentially all physical reality perceived by us, according to measures of design we call laws of physics, is the conscious thoughts of Source. Since all is thought then the probabilities and possibilities are endless—the endless thought process of Source is the conception of multiple realities. Every reality is it’s own multiverse system; these realities can interact, merge with and cancel out one another. The best, fit and most positive reality will be the final reality to reiterate oneness in Source.

None Physical is none local. What is not manifested is none physical. The concept of none physical is a concept only real to slower vibrating, self aware entities such as Earth humans. A thought form that cannot come into fusion is none physical. An energy outside of our vibrational range of tangibility is considered none physical. Higher vibrating entities that can manifest by thought alone are less in tuned with physicality, whether it is physical or none physical. The higher the frequency of an entity, the broader the range of vibrations it can reside in and interact with, making physicality obsolete.


Tangible and Intangible

When the conscious thoughts of Source devolve from the zero point, developing vibrational frequencies become slower and denser. Physicality is a derivative of consciousness, and tangibility is a derivative of physicality. All that exist are frequencies derived and devolving from Source—the frequencies then evolve back to Source with increasing speed of the oscillations. These frequencies are the operations and functions of the entire system of waves, which derives from the three primordial waves. Every reality is operated by laws of frequency—within each reality there are a set range of frequencies for all that exist in that reality. Every single object and entity from the greatest down to sub quantum energies have a slightly different energy. The slight difference in energy is put in place so separate entities and objects can interact with one another. The slight difference in frequency causes resistance and this is how we get physical touch. If all things in a reality had the same exact frequency they would merge with each other and be one. If we match our frequency with an object we could go right through it—an example would be walking through a wall. Matched frequencies is one way to make matter intangible. Going way above or way below our reality frequency would be going out of bounds—once out of bounds of our laws of frequencies resistance and touch become static, scrambled and disappears. Going beyond the bounds of a particular reality’s frequency is a dimension shift; a vast change in frequency range is synonymous with going to a higher or lower dimension. Our five senses cannot perceive or interact with frequency ranges outside of our bounds, making the out of frequency reality totally none existent to our perception. This is all physical reality, not conscious reality.

If something is intangible it cannot be touched. Our thoughts are intangible—unmanifested thoughts and ideas are intangible; this is an example of conscious intangibility. As aforementioned when we match our frequency with an object or entity we can phase through; matching frequencies is how physicality can become intangible.



Time is a point of reference; with existence came time. In our universe alone time is relative. Time is a nonlocal, seemingly infinite, expansive space. Time transcends over many dimensions and realities—there are dimensions and realities outside of time. At the zero point of Source there is no time. The zero point of Source is infinite potentiality. Potentiality goes out from Source into infinite probabilities and possibilities, where time is the reference point for the eons of manifested realities. Many manifested realities travel along the spaces of times appointed to each. Time is diverse; many modes of time exist. Frequency levels play a huge role on the mode of time a reality travels on. The level of consciousness appointed to a reality by Source determines the frequency of that reality. The slowest frequency realities travel time in a linear fashion; this is one event after another, chronologically. When frequencies speed up events are no longer linear—events become third dimensional, allowing the soul an infinite amount of directions to move in. Entities that make it to third dimensional time and beyond can move any direction in the space of time. In time that is higher than linear there is no past or future; in higher dimensions of time all is present, and time becomes a movement choice like a game of chess. Every movement leads to momentals; in turn the momentals turn into situations, which lead to more momentals to choose from. It may seem like a constant choosing game but it isn’t because the situations are always completed before the next set of momentals are presented. Everything is in the present so the completed situation can always be reviewed and traveled back to, only through means of the right retrospect momentals. The higher the frequency of the physical entity the more dimensions are available—more dimensions means more directions and avenues of momentals to choose from. Eventually the dimensions will become so great that the space of time will travel inward, back to the zero point of oneness. As aforementioned time is relative and not located in all dimensions. There are dimensions outside of time with no space-time; these dimensions has a constant access to the zero point of Source. The timeless dimensions are were the highest sentient entities reside—these are the ultimate decision makers; watching over, protecting, and operating all of entirety. These timeless entities are total energy and incomprehensible to our current state of mind.


Life and Death

Life and death is terminology given to an eternal process that is complete, yet always being played out—this process is likened to a continuous spinning wheel. All is one with Source, yet all is distorted to take on the illusion of being away from Source and individualized. Life is forever—nothing dies in the way that we consider death as an end to life; life cannot end. Life is the creative energy produced by the creative force of love, and energy cannot be destroyed or die. Death is a transition from one reality to another. In some cases death leads to transcendence and ascension for some entities, if it is their right appointed time or moment. Life as we know it in the physical reality is an expression of Source. All life in all of entirety is one in Source—we are all one entity distorted to seem as eons of individual entities. We are all Source; all that exist is part of the near endless expressions of the face of Source. Just as we have one face with eons of different expressions. Every entity that is distorted to seem as an individual is actually one of Source’s nearly endless expressions. When an entity dies in the physical and reincarnate that is likened to the face of Source changing its expression. When the soul leaves the physical body the body is decommissioned, and is no longer in service; a physical carbon based body no longer in service decomposes. The decomposition of the body is recycled back into the ecosystem of its habitation. The decomposing body is energy and energy cannot be destroyed—energy can only be changed and reintegrated into a different form.


Beginning and the End

The zero point is entirety—all potentiality lies in the zero point. Everything and nothingness is located in the zero point. There is no beginning or end in the higher vibrational realms. Beginnings and endings are points of origin and destination, lower vibrating entities apply to establish an understandable reference point. Vibrational frequencies we know as third density and lower time is perceived as linear—in linear time there are points of origin where frequencies uptick and wind down. The uptick and winding down of frequencies are events arising and ending. The arising and winding down of events are based on our interpretation of the frequency distortions. Collective conscious sects interpret and transcribe vibrational frequencies, from Source into understandable realities for the collective mind. Though all is one conscious in Source, there are eons of collective conscious sects distorted out of the one. The collective conscious sects are what make up the multiverse, universe, galaxy, solar, and down to planetary logos. The logos are the collectives of consciousness that gives life its perception, according to the chosen deciphering of Source’s frequency distortions for the chosen collective mind sects. For entities that are consciously set in slower vibrating realities frequency events are perceived to have beginning point and an end point in chronological fashion. In actuality there is no beginning and end, just infinite energy flow with upticks that wind downward for Source to experience itself. The energy flow of Source leaves the zero point and returns to the zero point in a toroidal fashion. The zero point is true potentiality, while the toroidal outward and inward flowing of energy are expressions and perceptions.