The Primordial Big Bang: The eternal gravitational, light and sound waves 

In this section, I will speak on my theory of the big bang. This is not proven fact or science—this is my theoretical thinking on the creation, or beginning of life in this universe.

     I believe our universe came into fusion from an already existing universe, through a black hole. A black hole took form in another universe—what type of universe this might be we don't know. It could be an inverse of this universe, a universe so different the laws of physics would destroy us if we entered it, or maybe one almost identical to our own. Where ever your imagination takes you could be possible. At the other end of that black hole our universe materialized.

     I have many different theories, on how the formation of our universe happened. I believe all life, in all entirety, have density levels; which reside in certain dimensions, based on the density level of the life forms. The higher the density level of the entity, the higher the dimension it can reside in. There are seven levels of densities in our current universe. A density level is the level at which a soul evolves. Souls evolve just as physical bodies do— all material including stars, planets, and even universes have souls. Souls in large entities, such as a galaxy, or universe are better known as a logos. All entities start out at level one density, such as: minerals, rocks, water, and other substances, that forms planets, and other bodies in space. Third density is where awareness of self, and others begin. Advanced fourth density entities join together, to become an advanced collective body. Finally, in seventh density all is one in the universe. This completes the octave, much like the seven notes in music. The start of the next octave, or seven densities is a new universe.

     In my theory one of four things can happen, pertaining to the creation of our universe. In my first theory, as the universe evolves many black holes are formed; which some, not all can lead to brand new universes, that could be located anywhere, randomly throughout all entirety. My second theory states: that once the density octave is complete, and universal oneness, and harmony is achieved, a black hole is formed, in a desired toroidal center, containing the new universe. The complete universe remains, and on the other side of the black hole is a brand new universe. In my third theory, once the density octave is complete a black hole is formed, and the entire universe is sucked into the black hole, giving birth to a brand new universe. Finally in my fourth theory, once the density octave is complete, the entire universe is sucked into the many black holes, that have universes connected to them. Theory one and four can actually be combined.

     Some sources say there are more than seven densities. Other sources also include universal matrices. I know this can be complicated, and hard to follow, especially if this is your first time reading this. On the resources page there will be links to other sources, and websites, to further explain, and clarify the metaphysics of the density system.

     In the previous paragraphs, we got through the explanation of the metaphysics of my black hole theory. Let's talk about the physics of how the new universe develops. First let me start off by stating; the beginning of a universe does not equate the beginning of awareness, or consciousness. In my theory, there is a probable beginning to the physical universe, but the metaphysics of Source, awareness, and consciousness have no definable beginning, and is eternal. With that being said, let's get started. From the black hole formed in another universe a new universe is formed. Gravitational, light, and sound waves are the product of this new emergence. These gravitational, light, and sound waves explode out of the other side of the singularity—this all happens simultaneously. I call these waves primordial, because they are not new, but are carried on from the black hole of the already existing old universe. The sound, gravitational, and light waves are constant throughout all entirety—the beginning of them are undefinable. The one thing that is not carried on from the many previous universes are the laws that govern how the gravity, sound, and electromagnetic waves will develop, and fashion the new universe.

     Light is a wave and a particle; actuality photons have no mass and travel as waves—these are light waves. Photons contains the primary geometric shape. Sound waves, with the help of gravitational waves, causes elementary particles to collapse into new, and bigger particles, forming new geometric shapes for the new universe. The colliding, and formation of photons into material becomes a snowball effect, until stars, planets, and galaxies are formed. While everything physical is taking place, souls inhabit all formations possible. This is a beautiful, well orchestrated storm of metaphysics, and physics, creating eternal life, in all of entirety. I call this the eternal big bang, because where the very first big bang took place is undefined. Just as the beginning of awareness, and consciousness cannot be defined, neither can the first big bang. This also gives us an undefinable ending. 

     According to the most popular theory, the big bang was incredibly hot. My theory is in resonance with the already popular theory, according to the extremely high temperatures. If gravity is compressed it produces heat—if sound waves are disturbed they produce heat. If a singularity pulls the waves together, compressing them into one point, I would surely assume the temperature they produce would be extremely hot. This combined process would rip open a hole, in what I would call the void, and the three waves would explode out, producing the new universe.

This is all in theory. The possibilities are endless. Put your mind to it and have fun orchestrating your own theories.