The resources page contains links to other websites that are in resonance with what is discussed here. There are many nuances but overall the links I put are good to further your understanding and do your own research. This can further help you decide how you feel about this subject. I will continue to add links I find suitable for this site. Don't stop here. Do your own research. If you jump into this subject you are truly jumping into a rabbit hole, a fun and exciting one. Death as we know it is an illusion. Life is forever!


L/L Research: Home of Law Of One


The Law Of One


Seven Levels of Density


Higher Self vs Over Soul


Scientist Prove Soul Doesn't Die (Ironically I looked this up after I finished the site. Talk about oneness and synchronicity of the multiverse)


Densities, Dimensions, Matrices and Grids


Geometry of the Photon


Scientist Generate Matter Directly From Light


Gravitational Compression,gravitational%20compression%20is%20stellar%20evolution.


Sound Waves Generate Heat