Domain Of Entirety Quotes

Domain Of Entirety is a great book for individuals who are new to the concept of all existence being conscious based. This book is a great, inexpensive read for those who are already aware of Source reality, as well as for beginners. Below is a list of quotes from this mind stimulating literature. A link to purchase is available after the quotes.


“There is resonance in love, knowledge, and wisdom. Love is the unconditional creative force. Knowledge is the gift of obtaining the functions of eternal Source. Source is entirety, so Source is all that exists.”


“This book is a book about entirety. What is entirety? Entirety is all that exists; entirety is before and after time. All dimensions, densities, and realities in all of the multiverses are entirety—notice I said multiverses instead of multiverse.”


“The first distortion of Source is the spirit. The spirit is the all-seeing, omnipresent soul of all existence across all realities, time periods, dimensions, densities, and multiverses; the spirit is the giver of life.”


“Before any thought, there was awareness. Awareness is synonymous with consciousness; it is also a prerequisite to consciousness. First is the awareness of being, and that being is consciousness. Next came the first thought.”


“Time is relative to many things—some things time is relative to are gravitational pull, location, speed, and species. People speak of before time and after time, but is there a beginning and end to time? The answer is yes and no.”


“Shapes are the primordial form of numbers and math; shapes are the primordial form of language—from this comes sacred geometry.”


“Densities are the frequency levels of the being, and dimensions are the frequency levels of the locality.”


“There are entities such as fifth density beings, whose frequencies are at such a high vibration that their bodies aren’t physically solid.”


“The oneness within Source changes, dividing, multiplying, and adding back to oneness.”


“Source is distorted to seem as individual and many—this distortion as many is Source’s way of experiencing life on every level from everything that exists in entirety.”


“The ultimate memory lies in spirit, and spirit lies in Source.”


“There is a perpetual death and rebirth. In this cycle, the soul forgets its past lives. Although this forgetting seems permanent, it is temporary—the eternal soul will remember its whole existence and entirety once free from the body.”


“Entirety is made up of multiple realities—there is no one linear reality; this goes across dimensions and universes. Time as we know it only exists to us and for us.”


“There is no good and evil; Source doesn’t operate in terms of good and evil—there are only vibrational levels.”


“Everything is one. All that exists is one entirety—nothing is divided; it is all illusion. The one almighty Source is all that exists, and that is it.”


“The origin of all life in all of entirety is androgynous. The cradle or metaphysical membrane that contains all potentiality is feminine. The process of potentiality going out to form life is masculine in its energetic travel.”