This site is a theoretical focus on Source reality and all of existence being conscious based. Come join the endless realities of Source—the All that is and entirety. This website will delve into the endless probabilities and possibilities that derives from the single point of potentiality. We are all Source and Source is all of us—all that exist is Source and Source is all that exist. We manifest our reality and the gift of creation is inherent in every single individual in all of existence.

     A burning passion to know more about what really exist beyond our physical perceptions eventually led to this website. Many books were read along with daily meditation to satisfy the passion of learning Source reality—books such as The Law Of One, The Lost Book Of Enki, Upanishads, Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita, Teo Te Ching, Holy Bible, The Book of Enoch, Credo Mutwa writings, Buddhist text, Gnostic text and much more fed my cravings over the years.

     The pandora box of Source will be opened. On this site we will explore creation, spirit,  souls, the big bang theory, and much more. Check out the wealth of information that is offered here. Let's dive into the black hole of Oneness Of Entirety! 

Check out the newly added The Equilibrium Of Source page!

Domain Of Entirety is an entry level book containing teachings about all that exist deriving from an amorphous conscious. Many times anthropomorphism is used to describe divine energies—even in none theistic concepts there are beliefs and nuances that causes disunion amongst humanity. Enjoy this quick and concise read on the subject of Source. This is a great book for beginners.

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