This is a small section dedicated to light. Light waves, along with sound, and gravitational waves forms physicality as we know it, in this universe, according to my theory. This little section will be from my theories, mixed with some proven science.

     Light can be a wave as well as a particle. Light moves in waves of little packets of energy called photons.¹ A photon traveling freely through the vacuum of space has the shape of two tetrahedra conjoined at their base.¹ Simply put light travels as a wave of electromagnetic energy, but can also break down into little energy packets. In  confined spaces individual photons take on a star tetrahedron shape;¹ which is also known as the merkaba.

     It has been proven that colliding photons produce matter and antimatter.² Theoretically speaking, this is how physicality takes place; from the most basic subatomic particles, to the most advanced and divine entities in existence. According to my theory light, gravitational, and sound waves exploded through a new rip in space or the ether; which was caused by the exit point of a black hole. The gravitational waves flows continuously at the speed of light; therefore the electromagnetic grid, produced by light waves, spreads across the vacuum of space at the speed of light.

     Sound waves uses light and gravitational waves as a medium for travel—during this continuous process random photon groups break away from the waves motions of flowing. The rogue photons collide with one another forming matter. The newly formed matter is held together by newly formed gravity wells. Sound waves give unique geometrical shapes to the newly formed, and growing matter—this will eventually become the first stars, then planets, and finally whole galaxies. New geometric formations will give shape to all sorts of bodies ready for life; while souls travel along inhabiting as many formations as possible. This is my theory on how the very universe we reside in developed.



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