Love : The creative force

There would be no existence without creation. What is creation? Creation is a force—this is the origin of force. The primordial force puts all of entirety into motion. Nothing is still, and all is in constant motion. Solid objects may appear to be  motionless, but if you look at them on an atomic level, they are in constant motion. Atoms and subatomic particles vibrate at certain frequencies, taking the shape of their chemical formula. There are electromagnetic, gravitational, and sound forces governing the laws of physics, just for this one universe. Other universes may very well, and most likely have different laws, governing how life takes form in that particular universe. Some other universes may also be very similar, or almost identical to ours.

     The creative force for all that exist is referred to as love—this isn't the type of love we are familiar with, as humans on planet earth. We here on earth, call this creative force love; which is the best way we know how to describe it, based on our verbal capabilities, and mental comprehensiveness. This force is called love because it is unconditional—no matter how negative the creation is there is no judgments, or conditions. No matter whether the creation is extremely positive, or extremely negative, it is still directed and guided by love; until it is back home with itself, in pure oneness with Source.

     As stated earlier, forces keeps entirety in motion, so Source can experience itself, through the googolplex of souls. Without the aforementioned forces, there would be no motion, which enables Source to experience itself—love is the progenitor force. In the next sections I will talk about love creating the primordial big bang; also known as the eternal light, gravitational, and sound waves.