There has always been much talk about souls and spirit. Religious sects, as well as other modes of information, and practices give their definitions and opinions on the soul and spirit. In this section I will give my theory of what the soul is.

     I mentioned previously that the spirit is omnipresent—the spirit is the all knowing provider of life in all entirety. The spirit is the mother brain for Source—the spirit gives life to awareness and consciousness. The spirit is one with itself; not only is it one with itself, but it is one with Source. If spirit is one with itself and Source, then what about the vastness of life and the googolplex of life forms? This almost seems like many paradoxes in the making but it's not. The soul is the ingenious creation created by Source and spirit; possessing eons on top of eons of life forms, that brings life experiences back home to Source. Souls are a googolplex of fractals from the spirit. The spirit is distorted to be a countless number of individuals, while still remaining as one—these individual distortions are our souls.

     Souls inhabit everything from subatomic particles, to the most advanced and spiritually evolved beings in all entirety. Souls are multidimensional and are not effected by the laws of time; inhabiting more than one body. Souls are the most advanced computing software, maximizing and compacting experiences in all entirety, to package and bring to the store house of the spirit; which is then delivered to the home base of Source. Souls are super efficient; collecting life experiences from many lifetimes, time periods, parallel time lines, dimensions, universes, and the list goes on. The extremely important jobs of the soul is all done simultaneously. Reincarnation isn't in the linear fashion we think it is—reincarnation is actually simultaneous. Entirety is simultaneous as well—everything is done and completed. This is an extremely difficult concept for many to grasp. 

     To understand the oneness of entirety we must mentally  remove ourselves from the third density we reside in—we must think outside of linear time. In third density we vibrate at one of the slowest levels—only densities one and two vibrate at at a slower rate. Our vibration is how fast our atoms oscillate per second; which is our vibrational frequency. A rock is first density and it vibrates at a much slower rate than we do. Not only do physical entities have vibrational frequencies but so do different dimensions. The higher the dimension the higher the frequency. As of now we are third density entities residing in the fourth dimension. As most know the fourth dimension is three dimensions of physical space and one linear dimension of time. In linear time we can't see the simultaneous nature of reality—we can only live in the moment, remembering the past and predicting the future. Our souls on the other hand have no limit on the dimensions they can inhabit; inhabiting all dimensions at once. Our souls also inhabit all parallel timelines, the multiverse, different time periods, different planes of reality, and so on. Our soul inhabit many bodies all at once simultaneously. Say you are playing ten video games at the same time, all while controlling ten different characters. You are the soul of the games; better known as oversoul. The oversoul is the collection of all the life experiences, of many different entities, controlled by the same one soul.¹ We also have our higher self; which is our ability to tap into higher dimensions of our existence, as individual entities through our soul.¹

     In my theory souls are physical. According to my theory metaphysics are physics that operate in a frequency outside of our current reach—if we can't touch it, see it, or reach it we call it paranormal. In my opinion paranormal is the same as metaphysical. From my point of view souls operate on an atomic and quantum level—the soul is similar to an all knowing, super intelligent, oversized photon. There are a googolplex of what I would call little mother brain souls—these souls becomes the over souls. The over soul releases an energy that acts as an electron would. This energy is similar in nature to a photon but can be in more than one place at a time—this is the quantum nature of the soul, giving the soul the ability to inhabit all entities simultaneously.

     In most cases during early pregnancy the individual soul inhabits the developing fetus. The soul will stay with the body until the body's termination. The soul combined with the body produces the mind. The body is the hardware, the soul is the software, and the mind is the memory. The most important key memories are stored in the over soul after the body's termination. The soul not only inhabit sentient beings, but instead inhabits all things in entirety it deems necessary to bring life experiences back to Source. In the third density bodies we now reside in we have no knowledge of what our quantum soul is doing in other incarnations. Not remembering our pat lives and not knowing our future incarnations is how we understand this lack of memory or knowledge barrier. 

     The soul enters the body through a special set of nerves around the brain. This section of the brain is the home base for the soul during an incarnation. The soul works in a fractal viral nature once it enters the fetus. Although the soul is not much bigger than a photon it is powerful and has the all knowing nature of the spirit. The soul enters the body and inhabits every single living atom; working in a quantum and fractal nature, possessing every atom in what ever it chooses to inhabit. Once the soul leaves the body after bodily termination, it takes the important key memories back to the over soul.  There are simultaneous life reviews going on around all of the incarnations taking place.

     Where does the over souls reside? That question I don't know—maybe there are soul stations spread through out the universe, or the galaxy has a main soul hub. The possibilities and theories are endless. The soul may be tiny in size but it is an energy that cannot be destroyed. The soul is eternal, super efficient, and extremely powerful. 


As aforementioned the soul is a fractal of spirit —spirit is one with Source. All that exist are vibrations and frequencies. Source is the eternal conscious—first came awareness and than came consciousness. Though awareness is the prerequisite to consciousness, the two are one and the same. All is simultaneous; outside of our third density reality there is no linear time. There is no beginning or end. Everything is here and now with nearly endless probabilities and possibilities which we call the future. We are in the present and every probability or possibility our soul places us on will be the present. Our souls are multidimensional and inhabits all our incarnations at once. Our higher self is the sixth density aspect of our souls incarnations. The higher self of our souls guides the lower density incarnations of itself. The higher self and the over soul are eternal and always present. All souls and all that exist are fractals of Source and spirit. The Earth, as well as all other life that exist in reality will always exist in one reality or another. Life will always exist on Earth and throughout the multiverse systems for eternity with the googolplexes of realities. We are here on this Earth to experience reality for Source. All is conscious and all is thought; thoughts are energy and energy cannot be destroyed. All that exist including our souls are the eternal thoughts of Source, and those eternal thoughts will always exist.

     Though I describe the soul as an enigmatic physical entity with quantum properties and always in superposition, physicality is a thought form of Source as well. With that being said if physicality is the thoughts of Source, thoughts can be changed and are always random. All is the thoughts of Source, including souls, physicality, the metaphysical, space-time and time-space. Our physical existence is just the thought waves and forces of Source, which presents themselves as light, sound, and gravitational collapsed into our physical existence.





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