The mission here at Oneness Of Entirety, is to dig deep into Source. Many may wonder what is Source, who is Source, or why Source? Here at Oneness Of Entirety, those questions will be answered. We will go beyond this universe as we know it—we will go beyond our state of mind, and this dimension we are familiar with. We will explore all that life is. This site is based off of my theories, from my meditations, as well as historical facts, and evidence from other sources.  

     I will give a summary of my theory on Source and creation. Source is all that is—in other words Source is entirety; all that is, all that was, and all that will ever be; across all realities, dimensions, and universes. Source is from infinity to the most infinitesimal point—source is the infinitesimal point, and Source is vast, and endless. Source is the never ending domain.

     Creation is all that exist, and will always exist. No one person can put a time, or starting point on creation—in this case the starting point is undefined; we live in eternity. My theory on this is extremely controversial; being many scientists stating that the universe began approximation 13.8 billion years ago, with the big bang. I do agree, that our universe had a starting point—I do not agree that our universe is the first, nor the final universe, but one of many, physical multiverses; which derived from a metaphysical source. This will be discussed on this site, along with my theory on the primordial, eternal big bang. I will give my theories on all of entirety, being conscious, and how all souls are connected.

     The main focus of this site is metaphysics, and consciousness. Our current material existence is illusory, and a blink of an eye, compared to true Source reality. All of this, and much more will be discussed on this site. Come dive into the rabbit hole with me!